Storage & Vending Solutions

For many years, IWS GAFFNEY (Industrial and Welding Supplies) has been the UK's first choice for the supply of industrial and welding equipment and consumables. Now it is helping customers manage their supply chain more efficiently and cost effectively through the use of fully automated vending machines and consigned stock agreements.

Consigned Stock

IWS GAFFNEY (Industrial and Welding Supplies) takes ownership of all or part of a customer's inventory. This method of operation helps customers reduce the amount of money tied up in stock, eases the burden of supply chain management, guarantees availability and provides financial benefits in terms of reduced inventory, delivery and usage, as well as increased efficiency and productivity.

Benefits include:

  • Free-Until-Used Stock Supply
  • Single Stock Profile - one supplier, one delivery, one invoice
  • Stock Replenishment to Agreed Levels
  • Easy Access to Tools, Supplies and Materials
  • Real-time Tracking Usage History

Vending Machines

Traditional inventory systems are replaced by vending machines containing tools and consumables appropriate to each customer's requirements. Vending machines are available in a range of sizes and capabilities, from the standard Toolbox up to Toolcube and the Automatic Sentinel Dispensing for larger, heavier equipment.

The benefits include:

  • Reduces Inventory
  • Reduces Purchasing Expenses
  • Reduces Stockouts/Expediting Costs
  • Increases Cost Accountability
  • Secure Storage and Point-of-Use Distribution
  • Easy Access to Tools, Supplies and Materials
  • Eliminates Overuse by Employee and/or Department
  • Fully Automated Replenishment and Critical Alert Notification
  • Real-time Tracking Usage History

Consignment stock management

We can manage your stock levels within your on-site stores and make sure they are kept at the optimum levels to ensure non-stop production.

On-site store management

We  can place our expert controllers inside your on-site stores and literally run them for you. Not only will your stock be readily controlled, we will also keep your inventory updated and ensure commercial viability.

Integrated supplier management

With this service, we take control and responsibility for all of your stock and all of your vendors. We'll manage all aspects of stock and suppliers - giving you one single point of contact that manages all of your procurement.



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