Service Engineering (Industrial Gas)

IWS GAFFNEY (Industrial and Welding Supplies) has many years experience in the gas industry and a keen knowledge of stringent HSE regulations, and is therefore in a position to offer unrivalled expertise in the gas servicing/engineering field.

CP7 & GN7

The company is a lead body for the inspection and certification of industrial compressed cylinder gas systems, with tests carried out by Level 2 BTec accredited gas inspectors.

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA's) Code of Practise 7 (CP7) - the safe use of oxy-fuel gas equipment, recommends that equipment is checked annually and replaced every five years. This is mandatory under the Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR). This is endorsed by the HSE.

Please use the link below to view a PDF document containing more information regarding CP7.


High Pressure Hose Assemblies, Valves and Fittings

Supplied to suit customer specifications for the full range of industrial gases.

Industrial Gas Pipelines / Manifolds

Gas inspectors will carry out site surveys, give recommendations and advice, and install industrial gas pipelines to suit a wide variety of uses.

Supply and install multi-cylinder gas manifolds, outlet points and associated equipment for use with industrial gases.

Fume Extraction

Installation and validation of fume extraction equipment.

Space Heaters

Service and repair of cabinet, plaque and industrial blow heaters.



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