Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment

After more than a quarter of a century specialising in the sphere of work, staff at IWS GAFFNEY (Industrial and Welding Supplies) have gained a unique insight to personal safety requirements, both in terms of equipment and head-to-toe attire.

Eye and Face Protection

Safety Eyewear, Face Shields, Prescription, Lens Care

Head Protection

Safety Helmets and Attachments, Kromer Caps, Bump Caps

Ear Protection

Ear Defenders, Ear Plugs  (deleted)

Respiratory Equipment

Powered/Air Supplied Respirators, Disposable Half/Full Face Masks

Hand Protection

Industrial Gloves, Skin Care products

Safety/Non-Safety Footwear

Industrial and Executive Footwear   (deleted)

Special Hazard Workwear

Hi-Visibility, Welding, Chemical Resistant, Flame-Retardant Workwear, Food Industry Clothing


Overalls, Disposable Overalls

Weather Wear

Jackets, Fleeces, Bodywarmers and Rainwear

Janitorial and Personal Hygiene

Hand Cleaners, Soap, Toilet Rolls, Cleaning Products


Nexus Protective Equipment offers value for money without compromising on health and safety issues.

  • Welding Helmets 110x90
  • Welding Helmets 108x51
  • Accessories
  • Gloves

Please use the link below to view a PDF document containing more information.


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