Liquid Petroleum Gas

Liquid Petroleum Gas

IWS GAFFNEY (Industrial and Welding Supplies) is a major distributor in the North-East of England for Flogas UK Limited, one of  the UK’s leading suppliers of LPG. Whether the requirement is for a single cylinder for a domestic heater or fork lift truck, or bulk tank supply for industrial production and/or heating, customers can choose from a full range of propane and butane gases.

The company offers a complete service associated with LPG, from reliable delivery to hassle-free installation, and is happy for customers to draw on the experience and expertise of its staff to get general advice on LPG gas and equipment requirements, including tank selection.

IWS GAFFNEY (Industrial and Welding Supplies) is a main distributor for Bullfinch (Gas Equipment) Limited and supplies LPG equipment which is designed and tested for use across a wide range of applications, including roofing, painting and decorating, dentistry, catering, road construction, as well as offshore pre-heat equipment.

Equipment includes:

  • Standard torches
  • Autotorches
  • Industrial Heating and Lighting
  • Regulators and two-cylinder Auto Changes
  • Hose and Fittings

 IWS GAFFNEY (Industrial and Welding Supplies) also stocks a large selection of leisure-related LPG equipment, including barbecues, camping equipment, cabinet heaters, patio heaters and other associated equipment.


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